Monday, May 3, 2010

How to prevent vomiting baby

If you as a mother, you certainly feel sorry when you saw your little baby get vomiting. For that you need to know about ways to prevent your baby has vomited. Here are tips that can be done.
  • Get used to wash your hands, and also sterilize the bottle before you make your baby's milk to drink. This aims to prevent the entry of germs or bacteria into a drinks baby.
  • Try to burp your baby before and after drinking milk, carried by an upright and resting on your shoulders. Gently pat the baby's shoulder to burp your baby.
  • Give your baby enough milk to drink and at the proper time. Try not to make baby feel very hungry before you give the baby milk. Because it can make your baby so hurry to drink milk in sufficient quantity lots. The best time interval to give formula milk to babies was 3.5 - 4 hours.
  • At the time of feeding the baby using a pacifier, try the entire nipple teats fit into baby's mouth, with an upright position with the baby's mouth. The purpose is to reduce the entry of air into the baby's stomach, so that it can reduce the risk of infant vomiting.
  • Place the baby in a quiet room during feeding, so baby can concentrate fully when feeding. Position the baby's body lying in state by using a bit high pillow.
  • Let your baby lie approximately 10 minutes after feeding, after that make baby burp.
If the tips above can be done properly, the chance that the baby had vomited while feeding will be reduced.

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