Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How to clean your baby's mouth

In order for your baby is healthy and manicured, you should pay attention to cleanliness in every part of your baby's body, and one of them is the mouth. Baby's mouth should be clean, because the food intake into the body of the baby, is through the mouth.
  1. The best time to clean the baby's mouth is when the baby will be bathed.
  2. To clean your baby's mouth, make sure the time has reached 30 minutes or more after the baby's last meal. If you clean the baby's mouth too early, the baby can cause vomiting.
  3. Prepare a fine muslin cloth shaped, not shaped rolls.
  4. Prepare a bowl of warm water, as warm water needed for bathing babies. Do not get too hot, because it can cause a baby suffering from mouth ulcer.
  5. Before doing so, wipe your hands with soap, rinse with clean water, and then dried. After that, your little finger bandage with sterile gauze.
  6. Then bring the baby into your lap, with comfortable seating position.
  7. Dip your finger that has been wrapped in sterile gauze, the warm water, and then enter the mouth of the baby. Do not do it too deeply, because the baby could be sick.
  8. Give a gentle pressure on the baby's tongue, repeat once more, and then drag your finger from the baby's mouth. Do not clean it quickly, but do little by little until the baby's mouth is clean.
  9. If you also want to clean the baby's teeth with gauze, the gauze was replaced with new ones. Perform the same steps with the way above, then gently clean baby's teeth. But remember, do not be depressed, because your baby's gums are still very soft.
  10. If your baby refuses to clean the mouth, let him talk, joking or singing. Do not scold the child, because it can cause the baby to be traumatized. As a result, the baby would not like to be cleaned at all.

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