Monday, May 10, 2010

Overcoming the baby spit up

Spit up is a normal thing which is common in babies, because it is associated with the baby's digestive functions are not perfect. It is also caused by the baby's stomach capacity is still limited, and the baby's digestive tract smooth muscle is still weak. For example, when babies are breastfed, if the baby's stomach could not accommodate the flow of milk that comes in, then the baby would have spit up.

Spit on the baby can also occur through your nose. But you need not worry too much, because the mouth, nose and throat have a related channel. It could happen, possibly because babies spit up quite a lot, so not all of them could get out through the mouth of a baby. Eventually the fluid out through the nose. Although it is perfectly normal, the baby actually spit up can be done in a way like below:
  • Create your baby burp after each feeding.
  • Do not expose your baby from the supine position, after the baby is drinking milk. Since fluid milk into the baby's body, will seek a lower position.
In addition to those steps, you should also pay attention to things below:

If there is milk in the stomachs of infants, it would appear reflex that can cause infant vomiting. Be careful when your baby is choking, and baby vomit into the lungs. This is very dangerous. Moreover, if the baby choked on milk, which has got into your stomach, because the milk already contains the acid. It can damage the baby's lungs. If this happens, immediately take your baby to the doctor, to get help.

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