Saturday, May 22, 2010

Movement and gymnastics for one year old baby

Here is a gymnastic movements that are recommended for infants aged one year. Also accompanied by examples of simple games, which can stimulate the baby to perform the movement.

Crawl. Secure the family room or baby's room, from objects that could endanger the baby's body. Then let the baby crawl in accordance with their wishes. Let baby crawl into all the rooms in accordance with the desire that they headed. The game can be done for example is a game of "cat chasing a mouse." Encourage the baby to play alternately, as a cat, and as a mouse.

Rolled. For gymnastic movement on this one, you should prepare thick carpet or thin mattress on the floor of the room. Encourage your baby to lay on the mat, with a rather distant position. Then call your baby's name, as you rolled toward to your baby while saying "Michael, Mama's coming...!, then slowly and simply roll the baby. Do this several times, allow the baby to imitate your movements.

Swing. You can invite your baby to play "horse dance." Take on all fours in front of your baby. Swing your body forward and backward. Bring your baby to play, with the same motions with you. Without realizing it, your baby has been doing gymnastics movements.

Climb. Lay your body on the bed or carpet. Then take or leave your baby to climb up your body. Give your baby's spirit to perform the movement with take a joke or playing "mountain climbing". The climbing game, it's quite tiring for the baby, but also effective enough for the baby to do gymnastics.

Walking. For babies just learning to walk, maybe this foot gymnastic movement is the most enjoyable exercise for them. Walk without fear, coupled with a father or mother, go around the room, is foot gymnastics movements are generally highly favored by the baby. If possible, turn the music and songs, to make the atmosphere more cheerful and energetic. You also can add a simple game, such as tunnels, mat, balance beam, and so forth.

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