Saturday, May 22, 2010

How to handle babies exposed to cold

You do not want your baby exposed to cold. Because babies do not know what to do if he caught a cold. Therefore, it would be better, if you prevent your baby attacked by colds, than you treat your baby from the cold. Here is how to prevent things you can do:
  • Allow your baby to a lot of rest. Because the rest, could strengthen the resilience of the baby's body.
  • Keep giving breast milk to babies, to prevent the baby from lack of fluids, if your baby had a fever.
  • If your baby had a fever, monitor the baby's body every three or four hours, to determine whether or not given fever. Before your baby is attacked by a cold.
  • Note the air circulation in the baby's room, make sure to flow properly. Stuffy room that will aggravate the fever of the baby, and will continue to be with the baby prone to colds.
Actually going to get rid of a cold by itself, with no special treatment. If handled properly, runny nose will heal by itself within four to five days. However, over the distance this time, your baby will feel uncomfortable, because the nose full of mucus. This makes the baby's breathing becomes disrupted, eventually the baby became fussy. If this happens, do the following treatments:
  • Use a special pipette, to suck the mucus from your baby's nose. Make sure you pay attention to the provisions of its use.
  • If you want to put balm, apply it on your baby's clothes chest. Do not apply directly on baby's skin, because the soft baby skin could become irritated.
  • If you use nose drops in the baby, pick nose drops that contain only salt. This medicine works to thin the mucus in the nose, making it easier on the swallow by baby. In addition it can stimulate a sneeze, so the mucus can be removed easily.
  • If the mucus in your baby's nose too much, immediately take your child to the doctor. The mucus will be exploited with an instrument called suction.
  • Do not suck the mucus in your baby's nose with your mouth. Because it will cause the baby contracting the disease if you have a particular disease.
  • Do not block the baby's head with a pile of pillows. Because the baby's neck muscles are weak and relatively short. Piles of pillows that are too high, it will make the baby's neck is more bent, which makes the baby becomes difficult to breathe.

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