Friday, April 30, 2010

Tips to clean baby's tongue and gums

For baby aged 0 until 6 months, generally do not have milk teeth. However, activities to clean the tongue and gums of the baby should begin to do, after finished feeding and sleep at night. The following is a safe way to clean baby's tongue and gums:
  • Provide a piece of gauze or other sterile cloth and gently.
  • Dip or wet cloth with clean water that has been cooked.
  • wrap the cloth on the mother or the father's index finger. But do not forget the fingers of father or mother must be cleaned before.
  • Clean the mouth, tongue and gums baby slowly and gently
  • Position the baby is lying on a little straighter, or if the baby has been able to sit down, sit on the lap of the mother's baby.
  • When the baby's milk teeth have appeared, use a small toothbrush. If you want to use toothpaste, provide a moist cloth, because babies can not be rinsed.
  • When the baby was in her lap, the baby's mouth clean can be vertically or horizontally. Part of the most important baby teeth to be cleaned is part of the tooth surface facing the tongue.
  • If you've finished tp clean mouth, tongue and the baby milk teeth, wipe toothpaste from baby's mouth, milk teeth and lips by using a damp cloth.

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