Friday, April 30, 2010

Tips to clean baby's tongue and gums

For baby aged 0 until 6 months, generally do not have milk teeth. However, activities to clean the tongue and gums of the baby should begin to do, after finished feeding and sleep at night. The following is a safe way to clean baby's tongue and gums:
  • Provide a piece of gauze or other sterile cloth and gently.
  • Dip or wet cloth with clean water that has been cooked.
  • wrap the cloth on the mother or the father's index finger. But do not forget the fingers of father or mother must be cleaned before.
  • Clean the mouth, tongue and gums baby slowly and gently
  • Position the baby is lying on a little straighter, or if the baby has been able to sit down, sit on the lap of the mother's baby.
  • When the baby's milk teeth have appeared, use a small toothbrush. If you want to use toothpaste, provide a moist cloth, because babies can not be rinsed.
  • When the baby was in her lap, the baby's mouth clean can be vertically or horizontally. Part of the most important baby teeth to be cleaned is part of the tooth surface facing the tongue.
  • If you've finished tp clean mouth, tongue and the baby milk teeth, wipe toothpaste from baby's mouth, milk teeth and lips by using a damp cloth.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

How to care baby's skin

Babies have the skin smooth and soft. In order to care the baby's skin softness and smoothness, we should be able to take care of baby's skin the right treatment. Here are tips that can be done.
  • The skin of a newborn baby has a high sensitivity and very easy to irritation. Therefore, use a special cosmetic baby. Give more attention to the folds of baby's skin. Because in that section that has more moisture level.
  • To take a bath, use soap specially formulated for babies. Special soap for babies have a lower soda content than regular soap. Besides soap formulated for babies is also not painful to the eye.
  • When to use a powder, try not to disturb the baby's breathing. How sprinkle talcum powder on hand, then slowly, rubbed on the chest and the baby's back. Use baby powder pure sterilized and safe for newborns.
How to care needs to be done really, because the baby's skin is very different from adult skin.

Tips to do yoga to baby

If you are going to do yoga on your baby, you need to perform the following steps, so that the results of yoga that you do on your baby can improve their health.
  • Clean rooms used by baby to yoga. Ensure free from dust and dirt- Note the circulation of air in the room. Ensure circulation of air in the room was not stuffy, cool and not humid.
  • Note the light or light in the room. Make sure lights are not too bright, or light is not too hot, because it can causes room became hot, and the view of the baby so much glare.
  • Ideally, the room air to yoga is not too noisy. Tranquility room for yoga can help the baby to concentrate so baby can concentrate to do the movements correctly.
  • Accompanied the movement of your baby during yoga with gentle musical accompaniment and fitted with a baby.
  • Wear a base or a clean mattress and soft, but not hairy. In addition to the room, clothes also need attention. chose clothes that make the baby can move freely.
  • We recommend that the baby clothes made of material that is soft and not hot.
  • Do not expose your baby with clothes that are too many buttons, because it will hurt if the crushed bodies. Or also avoid clothing that is too many ribbons dangling, so they can about the eye and into the baby's mouth.
  • The role of a good yoga coach, can help babies make the right yoga movements.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tips for dealing with a hiccuping baby

Hiccups caused by contraction of the diaphragm muscle that occurs suddenly. Hiccups can also occur in infants and in general do not require treatment or medical action. Generally hiccups in baby can disappear by itself within a few minutes. But that hiccups in your baby could be lost within a short time, you can help your baby by doing the following treatment:
  1. Burping, or pat baby's back gently to make it happen burp. Recline your baby in an upright position on your shoulder and pat his back gently.
  2. Do check on a baby pacifier drinking. If the baby swallows too much air, it is probable hiccups in babies. This could be due to the large hole size dot that is not appropriate.
  3. Massage the back of the palate infant, using cotton that has been moistened with water.
  4. Move the cotton is to the front and back are smooth, for about one minute, or more.
With this kind of care tips, you can remove your baby's hiccups sooner, rather than allowing it to stop the hiccups it selves.

Baby care tips that experienced coughing shortness

Baby signs cough shortness is the voice sounded shrill baby, dry, and usually starts at mid night. Cough sound of the baby even sounded like barking seals. Sound was due to swelling around the baby's vocal cords in the larynx and the trachea.

The main cause of baby get diseases like this is by para influenza virus. Sometimes also due to respiratory syncytial virus is caused by, or also by a variety of other respiratory viruses.

This disease does not show any symptoms of fever in infants. But the baby's esophagus and throat will have swollen, so that narrows the airways. Coughing is usually experienced shortness of infants aged between six months to three years.

How to cope with this disease are:
  1. With a calm face, and also give you peace in infants. Take him to sit and play with a game that is not exhausting, such as graffiti or stacking blocks. The goal is to help my baby do not cry, because if you cry, it becomes increasingly difficult to make the baby breathe.
  2. Moisten the air. Use a humidifier in the bedroom baby, or bring your baby to breathe in moist air, eg in a warm steamy bathroom, for approximately 10 minutes.
  3. Make your room a fresh atmosphere and cool. Sometimes the air is fresh and cool, can overcome the shortness of breath. This can be done by opening a window or turn on the tool room moisturizer. If the air outside is cooler, wrap your baby in a blanket and walk outside for a few minutes.
  4. Keep your baby in an upright position. Sitting upright can make the baby breathe easier.
  5. Offer a beverage, such as mother's milk or formula commonly drunk by the baby. Or if the baby is big, give it a cold soup or fresh fruit.
  6. Keep your baby to rest. Enough sleep in infants, can help fight infection.
  7. Make your bed near your child. So you can take action quickly, if symptoms of shortness of your baby's cough was getting worse.
Although the above treatments you can do yourself, you should also consider bringing your child to a medical specialist if your baby shows symptoms such as below:
  1. The baby is breathing too fast with the flower's stomach looks flat and struggling to get air into his lungs.
  2. Looked pale and bluish on the area around the mouth, nose and nails. This is a sign the baby is not getting enough oxygen.
  3. Your baby looks very nervous.
  4. Your baby has a fever with body temperature of 39.7 degrees Celsius or higher.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tips to care a baby who suffered from dry cough

Dry cough in babies characterized by what sounded like a squeak in a baby voice and is crunchy. Coughing is usually experienced by baby when finished eating. If a baby has this dry cough once, and then the baby will be hard to stop the coughing repeatedly. Dry cough could make the baby becomes fussy and often vomiting. This dry cough can become worse, if the baby is in a lying position.

Dry cough caused by weak muscle bands that lie between esophagus and stomach baby. As a result, the fluid should enter into the stomach, it flows back into the mouth. These fluids get into the baby's lungs, and will cause more chronic cough. For that do care dry cough in baby as follows:
  1. Sit your baby for about 30 minutes every time the baby is finished eating.
  2. Elevate the baby's pillow when he sleeps.
  3. For infants who stepped on the children, should be stopped once to eat foods such as soda, chocolate, candy, oranges and tomatoes.
  4. If the disease persists dry cough in infants for more than two weeks, immediately take it to the doctor for treatment and further treatment.

Tips to overcome the prickly heat a baby

To know about how babies against prickly heat treatment is very necessary. Because of this problem often occurs to infants. Here is the tips how to overcome the prickly heat on our lovely babies.
  1. Bathe the baby regularly. In the morning and afternoon.2. Then dry the baby with a soft towel. Especially in parts of the skin folds.
  2. When the baby is sweating, the baby wipe using a damp cloth, then dry with a towel to dry.
  3. Give your baby powder if needed, to keep baby's skin to keep them dry, cool and fresh. Its use should not be too thick, so that the baby's skin pores are not clogged.
  4. Give your baby's clothing from materials made from cotton. Choose the size of these clothes are not too narrow, so that it can reduce the baby's body heat.
  5. Keep the room ventilation is often used for sleeping babies, so the exchange will be cleaner air, fresh and cool.
  6. Give more attention on the prickly heat baby more closely.
In addition there are also equipment or drugs that can be used to overcome the problem of infant prickly heat, namely:
  1. VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil)
  2. Coconut oil. Pick containing 60 percent coconut oil, so as not to hot for the baby.
  3. Salicyl powder. Can be mixed with water, such as cold powder.
  4. Powder baby.
Further action to overcome the prickly heat problems in infants:
  1. If prickly heat in infants have become infected, which indicated with white spots on baby's skin, you can directly contact the physician. Usually the doctor will provide the form of an ointment drug to reduce further inflammation in infants.
  2. If prickly heat until the condition of the baby is out pus, give antibiotics, in consultation with your doctor first.