Monday, May 3, 2010

How to deal with difficult infants defecate

Tips if your baby is experiencing difficulties in defecating are as follows:
  • Give your baby foods that are more liquids, such as water or milk. After the age of four months your baby step, you can give a diluted fruit juice.
  • Help your baby to conduct a small exercise that is suitable for babies. You do this by bending baby's knees toward them belly gently, do this repeatedly. It will be able to help your baby to defecate.
  • Wash your baby with warm water.
  • Apply baby oil around the baby's anus.
  • Once the baby starts eating solid foods, give them more fibrous foods from fruits and vegetables.
If difficulties in defecating problem continues, you will need to consult a doctor if:
  • No change when you have changed your eating pattern.
  • Your child looks very ill.
  • Out of blood in stool infants.
  • Tear occurs in infants due to pressure of the anal region is strong.

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