Saturday, June 19, 2010

Prevent eczema milk to baby

The cause of this disease is complex, influenced by heredity or environment. Eczema milk, usually makes the baby feel itchy. Sign is the baby often scratched, anxiety and also become fussy. Infants with eczema skin will look pink milk. Also there are small bubbles that contain clear fluid. When the bubble burst, it will look wet, then dry up and become yellowish or blackish scab.

Areas of skin affected by eczema milk depending on the age of the baby. Eczema milk that occurs in newborns or young, typically located on the cheek area. While the baby is old enough, eczema milk occurred in the arm and the indentation curves of the knee. In the skin looks dry and scaly.

Tips to prevent eczema milk to infant:
  • Beware of dust, heat and humidity on the baby's skin directly.
  • Keep baby's skin is not dry.
  • Wash the baby at least twice a day, so that the baby's skin clean.
  • Give your baby's skin moisturizer, so your baby's skin is not dry, and does not itch.
  • Immediately dry the baby's sweaty body, using a clean towel dampened with water. Then replace the baby's clothes with a clean.
  • If carrying a baby in a car, avoid the baby from the sun continuously, so that the baby's skin does not overheat.
  • Avoid substances trigger skin irritation, such as bleach clothing. When forced to use bleach clothing, when washing the baby clothes, immediately rinse with clean water as much as possible.
  • If the baby is still drinking mother milk, the cause could also be due to food consumed by the mother. But the mother must ensure beforehand that the food consumed is the cause. Once sure of that, then the mother should stop to consume these foods.

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