Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tips to care a baby who suffered from dry cough

Dry cough in babies characterized by what sounded like a squeak in a baby voice and is crunchy. Coughing is usually experienced by baby when finished eating. If a baby has this dry cough once, and then the baby will be hard to stop the coughing repeatedly. Dry cough could make the baby becomes fussy and often vomiting. This dry cough can become worse, if the baby is in a lying position.

Dry cough caused by weak muscle bands that lie between esophagus and stomach baby. As a result, the fluid should enter into the stomach, it flows back into the mouth. These fluids get into the baby's lungs, and will cause more chronic cough. For that do care dry cough in baby as follows:
  1. Sit your baby for about 30 minutes every time the baby is finished eating.
  2. Elevate the baby's pillow when he sleeps.
  3. For infants who stepped on the children, should be stopped once to eat foods such as soda, chocolate, candy, oranges and tomatoes.
  4. If the disease persists dry cough in infants for more than two weeks, immediately take it to the doctor for treatment and further treatment.

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