Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baby care tips that experienced coughing shortness

Baby signs cough shortness is the voice sounded shrill baby, dry, and usually starts at mid night. Cough sound of the baby even sounded like barking seals. Sound was due to swelling around the baby's vocal cords in the larynx and the trachea.

The main cause of baby get diseases like this is by para influenza virus. Sometimes also due to respiratory syncytial virus is caused by, or also by a variety of other respiratory viruses.

This disease does not show any symptoms of fever in infants. But the baby's esophagus and throat will have swollen, so that narrows the airways. Coughing is usually experienced shortness of infants aged between six months to three years.

How to cope with this disease are:
  1. With a calm face, and also give you peace in infants. Take him to sit and play with a game that is not exhausting, such as graffiti or stacking blocks. The goal is to help my baby do not cry, because if you cry, it becomes increasingly difficult to make the baby breathe.
  2. Moisten the air. Use a humidifier in the bedroom baby, or bring your baby to breathe in moist air, eg in a warm steamy bathroom, for approximately 10 minutes.
  3. Make your room a fresh atmosphere and cool. Sometimes the air is fresh and cool, can overcome the shortness of breath. This can be done by opening a window or turn on the tool room moisturizer. If the air outside is cooler, wrap your baby in a blanket and walk outside for a few minutes.
  4. Keep your baby in an upright position. Sitting upright can make the baby breathe easier.
  5. Offer a beverage, such as mother's milk or formula commonly drunk by the baby. Or if the baby is big, give it a cold soup or fresh fruit.
  6. Keep your baby to rest. Enough sleep in infants, can help fight infection.
  7. Make your bed near your child. So you can take action quickly, if symptoms of shortness of your baby's cough was getting worse.
Although the above treatments you can do yourself, you should also consider bringing your child to a medical specialist if your baby shows symptoms such as below:
  1. The baby is breathing too fast with the flower's stomach looks flat and struggling to get air into his lungs.
  2. Looked pale and bluish on the area around the mouth, nose and nails. This is a sign the baby is not getting enough oxygen.
  3. Your baby looks very nervous.
  4. Your baby has a fever with body temperature of 39.7 degrees Celsius or higher.

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