Saturday, April 24, 2010

How to care baby's skin

Babies have the skin smooth and soft. In order to care the baby's skin softness and smoothness, we should be able to take care of baby's skin the right treatment. Here are tips that can be done.
  • The skin of a newborn baby has a high sensitivity and very easy to irritation. Therefore, use a special cosmetic baby. Give more attention to the folds of baby's skin. Because in that section that has more moisture level.
  • To take a bath, use soap specially formulated for babies. Special soap for babies have a lower soda content than regular soap. Besides soap formulated for babies is also not painful to the eye.
  • When to use a powder, try not to disturb the baby's breathing. How sprinkle talcum powder on hand, then slowly, rubbed on the chest and the baby's back. Use baby powder pure sterilized and safe for newborns.
How to care needs to be done really, because the baby's skin is very different from adult skin.

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