Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tips to do yoga to baby

If you are going to do yoga on your baby, you need to perform the following steps, so that the results of yoga that you do on your baby can improve their health.
  • Clean rooms used by baby to yoga. Ensure free from dust and dirt- Note the circulation of air in the room. Ensure circulation of air in the room was not stuffy, cool and not humid.
  • Note the light or light in the room. Make sure lights are not too bright, or light is not too hot, because it can causes room became hot, and the view of the baby so much glare.
  • Ideally, the room air to yoga is not too noisy. Tranquility room for yoga can help the baby to concentrate so baby can concentrate to do the movements correctly.
  • Accompanied the movement of your baby during yoga with gentle musical accompaniment and fitted with a baby.
  • Wear a base or a clean mattress and soft, but not hairy. In addition to the room, clothes also need attention. chose clothes that make the baby can move freely.
  • We recommend that the baby clothes made of material that is soft and not hot.
  • Do not expose your baby with clothes that are too many buttons, because it will hurt if the crushed bodies. Or also avoid clothing that is too many ribbons dangling, so they can about the eye and into the baby's mouth.
  • The role of a good yoga coach, can help babies make the right yoga movements.

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