Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tips to overcome the prickly heat a baby

To know about how babies against prickly heat treatment is very necessary. Because of this problem often occurs to infants. Here is the tips how to overcome the prickly heat on our lovely babies.
  1. Bathe the baby regularly. In the morning and afternoon.2. Then dry the baby with a soft towel. Especially in parts of the skin folds.
  2. When the baby is sweating, the baby wipe using a damp cloth, then dry with a towel to dry.
  3. Give your baby powder if needed, to keep baby's skin to keep them dry, cool and fresh. Its use should not be too thick, so that the baby's skin pores are not clogged.
  4. Give your baby's clothing from materials made from cotton. Choose the size of these clothes are not too narrow, so that it can reduce the baby's body heat.
  5. Keep the room ventilation is often used for sleeping babies, so the exchange will be cleaner air, fresh and cool.
  6. Give more attention on the prickly heat baby more closely.
In addition there are also equipment or drugs that can be used to overcome the problem of infant prickly heat, namely:
  1. VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil)
  2. Coconut oil. Pick containing 60 percent coconut oil, so as not to hot for the baby.
  3. Salicyl powder. Can be mixed with water, such as cold powder.
  4. Powder baby.
Further action to overcome the prickly heat problems in infants:
  1. If prickly heat in infants have become infected, which indicated with white spots on baby's skin, you can directly contact the physician. Usually the doctor will provide the form of an ointment drug to reduce further inflammation in infants.
  2. If prickly heat until the condition of the baby is out pus, give antibiotics, in consultation with your doctor first.

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